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Welcome to Pavlík Vrbík's website

    "Do what you like and like what you do” is my life credo. Thus what I like and love bears no place for compromise but the joy of being and the inspiration in coming up with ideas for the activities I propose to my clients. "

    I alternate my outdoor guiding activity between collaborating with Travel Agencies leading my private crews. When working with Travel Agencies my role is of course shaped at some extent by their approach and program. When acting independently I like to take more of an alternative approach. My interaction with the group is more fissional, so to say, at the soul level, aiming a certain degree of harmony within the potentiality of the body, mind and soul in mutual connectedness. This is no different from the way I live my life at any given moment. "

    Joining me in a cycling trip to Burma for example would lead to the exploration of the magnificent sacred sites of Yangon in the presence of Sanaungsa, my friend Shan monk, as well as engaging at some extent in an inner synchronic self discovery, giving the trip a conscious initiate note. We would proceed then engaging in a more technical and physical cycling journey to the Shan Mountains while witnessing incredible beauty and majesty. A feast of unique impression would then be a taste of mysticism while exploring some of the hundreds of temples and pagodas of Bagan. Later on, one may choose between relaxing on the beaches of the Gulf of Bengal or a several day of meditation in a Buddhist monastery. In any case, I believe hiking, cycling and walking can be a form of “meditation on the move”! "

    The significance of the concept of ‘PunkyBike’ would thus be to travel beyond our limitations, conventions and the habitual set of social or self inflicted rules of our own mind."

    When creating the program, your requirements would be discussed and I will do my very best to accommodate them! I hope that your time and my companionship will help to broaden your horizons! Let the trip transforms us! Let’s co create better self!