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    Burma is a unique and special country, closed for several decades to foreign visitors, is considerately more accessible at present, with diverse and large sites to explore. One would be spoiled for a choice between the thousands of golden pagodas, monasteries, rural villages, mountains and several tribes and many rivers and lakes. This is an invitation to discover the wonders of Burma’s culture, history and daily live. 

    Burma is my favourite country for travelling and biking. I had guided 6 groups there already in 2012-18. I made two of the trips by public transportation and three of them by bike and one on kickbike.


Burma- Bike Expedition 2012/13

Burma- November tour 2012

Burma- just for a Facebooks friends



My books about Burma 

  • To Myanmar With Love (A Travel Guide for the Connoisseur)

  •  ThingsAsian Press, Burma The Alternative Guide- Thames&Hudson

  •  Burma/Myanmar- what everyone needs to know- Oxford

  •  Illustrated Guide to Burma- Collins

  • Pictorial Guide To Bagan- Myanmar Ministry of Culture

  • Myanmar (Burma)- Lonely Planet, History of Pindaya- Than Tun


My guiding activities for the Czech travel agencies describe in my language marked as Akce